Mount Rushmore of: The Modern Day Internet


Since this is a blog, I thought we might pay tribute to the people that got us here with a Mount Rushmore of the Modern Day Internet.  And I’m not talking about the early-day internet because apparently, no one really knows WHO invented this damn thing.

  1. A siamese, two-headed twin of Larry Page and Sergey Brin: They’re the two nerds that invented Google. You might have heard of it.  And I say “nerds” with the utmost respect – especially since the best thing I’ve ever invented is a blog about Turkey Sandwiches.
  2. Jimmy Wales – He invented Wikipedia and admit it, you use this for everything, including cheating on board games and solving Final Jeopardy.
  3. Craig Newmark – Yup, you guessed.  He’s Craig of Craigslist fame.  If one person could be brought on charges for killing the newspaper industry, it’s probably this guy.
  4. Gary Kremen – Who?  Gary Kremen was the first person to register  And since Porn innovates a lot of internet technology – Gary got my vote.

Honorable Mentions: Robert Scoble (blogger), Steve Jobs (Apple), Meg Whitman (eBay), Jeff Bezoz (Amazon),Matt Mullenweg (WordPress)

Information for this post taken from PC World’s 50 Most Important People on the Web


One Response to “Mount Rushmore of: The Modern Day Internet”

  1. 1 Jon

    I may well agree with you on Craig Newmark, but some of my other picks would have to be (yeah, totally nerd picks, but what do you expect):

    Dave Winer – he’s generally disagreeable but he was instrumental in the development of blogs, largely invented (and tirelessly advocated) RSS, helped develop podcasting, and a slew of other stuff. Of course, the other Rushmore people wouldn’t wan’t to be next to him…

    Ward Cunningham – the programmer who actually invented the wiki (in the first place).

    Rasmus Lerdorf – the inventor of the PHP scripting language–you know the one, it largely powers the web. Wikipedia is written in it, for instance. Yahoo uses it. Digg is written in it. And WordPress. And Facebook. etc. etc.

    Tim O’Reilly – coined the phrase “web 2.0”, the guy behind the O’Reilly publishing empire, whose books most of us internet geeks own at least a few of.

    Evan Williams – wrote Blogger, the first user-friendly free blogging platform; he’s behind twitter; he’s the man.

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