Mount Rushmore Of: Beer


My good friend and fellow blogger, Stan Hieronymus was nice enough to promote this blog and add his thoughts on the Mount Rushmore Of Beer.  Stan is way more of a beer historian than I am so I can’t question his judgment on who should be on this list.  But I can add some links and my own little spin to it.

  1. Michael Jackson – No, not the one who’s best friends with Emmanuel Lewis and the kid from Home Alone.  I’m talking about the one who was best friends with beer.  Michael is commonly known as the best beer writer and critic of all-time.  It can also be said that he did more to promote the global craft brewing industry than anyone else.  His least favorite beer was Corona and that right there is almost enough to get your sculpture on this mountain.
  2. Charlie Papazian – Charlie’s passion is homebrewing and he has parlayed his hobby into several books, magazine articles and of course, the Brewers Association, which he founded in 1977. 31 years later, the Brewer’s Association is still going strong and Charlie is still the man with the plan.
  3. Fritz Maytag – Not too many people have their occupation listed on Wikipedia as “Brewing Magnate” – but Fritz Maytag does.  Many credit Fritz for inventing modern-day Craft Beer in 1965 when he bought the struggling Anchor Steam Brewery and changing the recipe and brewing process to brew good beer.
  4. Two headed monster of Jim Koch/Ken Grossman – The only thing these two guys did was build the two biggest US Craft Breweries from the ground up, that’s all.  Unless you have been in hiding for the last 10 years, or are one of those weirdos that doesn’t own a TV, you’ve probably seen Jim Koch pushing his Samuel Adams Boston Lager.  I actually met Jim at the National Beer Wholesalers Convention this past year, and he’s actually a really nice guy.  Plus, he had heard of me.
  5. Unless you’re a beer geek, you probably have no idea who Ken Grossman is.  Ken started a little brewery in Chico, CA back in 1980 called Sierra Nevada.  Sierra Nevada sells about a bazillion cases of beer a year and they do it the complete opposite way of Sam Adams.  No TV, no ads…in fact I don’t know how they do it.  I guess just good beer.

Honorable Mentions: George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre (since they own the brewery I work for),


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