Mount Rushmore of: Relief Pitchers


Although he’s not a relief pitcher, I just watched Aaron Cook get out of the biggest all-star game jam of all-time.  Mariano Rivera also got out of some tough jams tonight.  It got me thinking about the Mount Rushmore of Relief Pitchers.  Seems like this would be an easy one.  Or is it?

  1. Goose Gossage – For me, he invented the position (many will argue Wilhelm).  The handlebar mustache, the big leg kick and the heat.  That’s what Relief Pitchers should be about.
  2. Bruce Sutter – Bruce brought relief pitching into the 1980’s and really benefited from Whitey Herzog’s masterful bullpen management.  But the guy could bring it.  His split-finger fastball was downright nasty. And he closed out the 1982 World Series.  That’s a Winner!
  3. Dan Quisenberry – I actually wasn’t planning on “Quiz” making this list, but this guy won the Rolaids Fireman of the Year five times, including four in a row from ’82 to ’85.  No one else has won more than four.  Plus he had the submarine delivery.  You don’t see that anymore.
  4. Rollie Fingers – Great name, great ‘stache and he has the stats to back it up: 341 saves and an ERA under 3!

Honorable Mentions: Hoyt Wilhelm, Bill Campbell, Lee Smith, Gene Garber (just because Pete Rose hates him), Jeff Reardon, Dennis Eckersley


One Response to “Mount Rushmore of: Relief Pitchers”

  1. 1 crappy topic

    Obviously no one was interested in this topic. If nobody adds a comment in 24 or 36 hours, Neal, you should have to put a new Mt. Rushmore topic up.

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