Mount Rushmore of Stand-Up Comedy

  1. Richard Pryor – stand-up comedy exists as it does today, because of Richard Pryor
  2. George Carlin – probably the smartest stand-up comedian of all time
  3. Jerry Seinfeld – the most successful (and richest) stand-up comedian of all-time
  4. Andy Kaufmann – blew everyone away by bringing a completely different kind of comedy to the mainstream.  The ultimate compliment: no one knew if he was serious.

Honorable Mention: Steve Martin, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Lenny Bruce, Chris Rock, Rodney Dangerfield, Roseanne Barr and Kevin James (sorry, but I saw him in Vegas and laughed for a solid hour straight).


6 Responses to “Mount Rushmore of Stand-Up Comedy”

  1. Ypu’re right about Pryor, Carlin, and I guess Kaufmann (though I would probably have put him as an honourable mention). But Neal, where’s Mitch Hedberg? Jeremy Hotz? If you count Andy Kaufmann as a stand-up, shouldn’t Flight of the Conchords at least be mentioned?

  2. 2 Right on 2

    I’ll agree about Pryor & Carlin, but Kauffman sucked (that’s right he sucked!!!) Just because you act like a goofy idiot does not mean you’re funny (see Robin Williams). This is the Mt. Rushmore Neal, meaning the best of the best. You have to put Lenny Bruce in there (as a lot of the pioneering comedians said he was their inspiration). I would also put either Sam Kinison, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, or Eddie Murphy in there. I know your white ass only felt compelled to put 1 brotha up on the mountain, but there could be 2.

  3. 3 gotta add one now

    Please add Bernie Mac to Mt. Rushmore since he is now dead. You know, once people die, they automatically become more brilliant. ie Kurt Cobain, Andy Kauffman, and Jesus.

  4. 1. Steve Martin – He plays Banjo and that’s also cool (Kevin Nealon also plays banjo)

    2. Mitch Hedberg – A short but absolutely brilliant career

    3. Lenny Bruce – The pioneer of dirty stand-up.

    4. Sam Kinison – Fucking hilarious. I love his scream the most.

  5. just the mere look of Chris Rock would give you laughs already *

  6. 6 SSR

    That’s easy.

    Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce and Rodney Dangerfield.

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