Mount Rushmore of Overrated


This is an idea stolen from my friend Tony.

There are a lot of over-rated things in this world and here’s what I think belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Overrated:

  1. Jim Morrison – First of all, The Doors aren’t all that great.  Second, have you read Jim Morrison’s poetry. It sucks.  I have no idea how or why people think The Doors are “The Shit”.   A way overrated band and a way overrated frontman.
  2. Joe Namath –  Take a guess at what his career stats are and I’m sure you will give him way too much credit.  For the record, they are 173 TD passes, 220 INTs and a completion percentage of 50.1.  Pretty shitty, huh?  Ok, he won a Super Bowl.  So did Trent Dilfer.
  3. Coffee – It’s my list and I can put whatever I want on here.  I just do not get the whole infatuation this country has with coffee, and to be more specific, Starbucks Coffee.  If you want to drop $4 on a cup of warm shitwater, be my guest.  Just don’t expect me to do it.
  4. Angelina Joile – Answer me this: what has she ever done?  I don’t think I have ever seen a movie with her in it.  She marginally hot (and that’s pushing it) and the thing I really know her for is being Jon Voight’s daughter – and I really know him for the whole “Jon Voight’s car’ thing on Seinfeld.

2 Responses to “Mount Rushmore of Overrated”

  1. I can’t believe this! Jim Morrison IS this list. I have been fed up with him since Val Kilmer made us all wish he had just gone to Paris and dies. Oh, wait… Well, you know what I mean. I hate their music! Good call. No. GREAT call.

    By the way… Namath never beat a team with a better than .500 record after winning the Super Bowl.

  2. 2 good call

    Finally a shout out, kudos to you Neal, kudos to you. I’m actually a big fan of the doors and musically speaking I would put Bob Dylan. When I listen to music, I don’t want to hear a nasally voice worse than mine. He sucks.

    Sports-wise I would put Robert Montgomery Knight up there. He had some really good teams in the 90’s at Indiana and seemed like he would always get beat early in the tournament. He thought he was above any rules at IU and quit on his team last year at Texas Tech so his son could finally get a chance to coach. Plus he told me to “go fuck yourself” at a Cards game after he was shit-canned from IU.

    Movie-wise I would go with Woody Allen. This old perve who banged, then married his adopted daughter has been putting out the same neurotic-jew-looking-for-love movies for far too long. Plus, they really aren’t all that funny.

    Turkey sandwich reporting-wise, I would put you in there since you do not give enough reports. I need daily turkey updates Neal.

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