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Neal Stewart’s marketing career includes both agency and client side experience in a variety industries including retail, non-profit and consumer package goods.

From 2000–2006, Neal worked at Pabst Brewing Company as the Brand Manager and eventually, Marketing Director for the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand. At Pabst, Neal’s marketing strategy focused on initiating word of mouth and loyalty with influential consumers by supporting grass-roots and subculture events. As a result, in 2002 PBR’s volume increased for the first time in 25 years and eventually increased volume 45% from 2002 – 2006. Neal also managed several other brands within the Pabst portfolio, including Rainier Beer which was recognized with several advertising and marketing industry awards for its “RainierVision” branded entertainment campaign.

In 2006, Neal moved over to the Craft Beer side and is now the Director of Marketing for Flying Dog Brewery in Denver, CO where he is leading the craft brewer’s branding efforts. In just over a year, Flying Dog has been recognized within the beer industry as a brewer who has embraced Web 2.0 technology and leveraged it for increased exposure.

Neal was recognized in 2004 by Fast Company as one of the “Fast 50” and was named to the Event Marketer magazine’s 2005 “Dream Team”. Neal has been a Presenting Speaker at the Craft Brewer’s Conference, Word of Mouth Marketing Summit, Entertainment Marketing Conference and Future Trends Conference. Neal’s PBR marketing strategy is documented in Rob Walker’s new book, Buying In.


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  1. 1 forgot something

    Neal has also never been seen without a shirt on, by anyone.

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